* Pedestal nights primarily provide for the entertainment and enjoyment of women, although no doubt our male guests will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes.

Midnight Cabaret : For the first time at Club Pedestal, Gordon Marquel with his uniquely thrilling and sexy juggling extravaganza! Beatrix Carlotta has an epic Two-Part spiritual feminist saga, "Orininal Sin and Knowledge is Power", performed with Elegance_n_Violence and Anais Lalange. Pussy Willow will be presenting her first ever big banned spectacular! You'll have her under your skin by the time she's through with you...

* Best Dressed Submissive prize: Some submissives make a fantastic effort to look for the Mistresses at Pedestal. We thought it would be a good idea, and a lot of fun, to reward that. We give a prize for the best dressed submissive. We will have a parade of Pedestals best dressed submissives at the end of the Cabaret. Mistresses please feel free to enter your subs/slaves if you wish. Submiisves and slaves please ask the Pedestal Mistresses if you want to join in on the night. Entry is optional of course, always great fun!

* House slaves will be present to serve our female guests, they'll cater for everything from fetching your drinks, to polishing your boots (shoe shine equipment provided)! House slaves are easily identified by their red collars. Read more about the house slaves or apply to become one on the House Slaves page.

* Select-a-Slave: Select-a-Slave is going to be an exciting D&S game that both helps people meet, and helps guest mistresses and Pedestal find quality new slaves. Select-a-Slave is an extension of Pedestal's house slave interview evenings. These evenings have proved really popular, so we wanted to make them an activity that more people can join in with, and make it part of the main night! In a nutshell, we are inviting our female guests to take part in interviewing and judging submissive applicants. A prize will be offered to the submissive scored highest by the interviewers, and hopefully lots of good contacts will be made, which is the main purpose :). Please either speak to the House Slaves in the Goddess room on the night if you want to take part, or email/memo Pedestal in advance. Select-a-Slave will be between 10pm and 10:30pm in the Goddess room, hope you all enjoy it!

* DJ Jamie Moon providing a rich repetoire of fantastic music throughout the various zones of the club, from dance/party to the more atmospheric.

* Dungeon equipment (Infernal Mechanix) is concentrated in a dedicated spacious room, although play is encouraged throughout the venue. We have a huge play space, consisting of at least 15 pieces of kit and numberous delicious contraptions for your enjoyment.

* Pedestal provides a `Maitre D' service. Submissives have the option of going on the 'menu', the services they offer going in the black book, and visiting women can make selections from this if they desire. Our Maitre Ds are easily identified, they wear Dinner Jackets with a red collar, please ask them on the night if you want to join in.

* There are guided tours of the club for those who want an introduction. Its a walk through of the various rooms, introductions to people who are there to help you, and an oppertunity to meet other people new to the club.