Dress code gallery

Pedestal aims to be inclusive whilst encouraging guests to dress the part. The aim is to enhance the atmosphere, not to obstruct genuine enthusiasts.

The gallery opposite shows the incredible variety of people and dress styles to be found at Pedestal. If you're unsure of what to wear, please look through the photos for examples.

Dress to express your passion for female dominance; while women can dress as they wish, men are required to look like they're into dominant women. Here are the usual guidlines :

Mistress/slave, Fetish, Burlesque, Formal wear, Glamour, Uniforms, Leather, PVC, Fantasy, Lingerie.

For first time men, smart black clothing and a collar are acceptable, but please no jeans or street wear. Fetish clothing can really enhance your look, check out Honour's Pedestal Mens Collection by for examples and inspiration!

Due to the usual licensing regulations, full nudity is not allowed.

Some items of fetish clothing, including slaves collars, will be on sale at the door for first timers. You are very welcome to change at the club when you arrive, if you prefer.

Racist/fascist symbols and uniforms are not allowed in the club.

We reserve the right to refuse admission.

Here are some links to fetish shops/fairs we recommend :

Joanna Lark
London Alternative Market