Fire Nightclub

Its a really fabulous layout at Fire. We'll have access to THREE lovely arches. So lots of scope for varied activities in different zones etc. The rooms in the arches vary quite a lot, so should be perfect for Pedestal.

The multiple room layout will provide diverse experiences, from the wilder party areas to the atmospheric and intense Goddess Room. Play equipment will be spread throughout the club, so if you want to whip to dance music, you can. Alternatively if you prefer quiter spaces to play, we'll provide those as well.

Fire nightclub
6 South Lambeth Pl, London,


There is a lot of free street parking in the area after 6:30pm. There's a lot to the south and south east in places like Fentiman Road (2 - 5 minute walk), Meadow Rd (5 minute walk, very large number of free spaces), Mile St, Bondway and Wyvil Road. Please check signs in the area as local parking rules can change.

Transport Connections

Fire is 20 metres from Vauxhall Underground, Train and 24 hour Bus Stations.

The following bus routes arrive at Vauxhall: 2, 36 (24hr), 77, 87, 88 (24hr), 156, 185, 196, 344 (24hr), 360, 436, N2, N87, N136